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"Goenchim Noketram" in Bahrain

"Goenchim Noketram" in Bahrain

‘Goenchim Noketram’ the cultural and folk group from Goa led by Gina Mascarenhas provided lively entertainment for Goans in Bahrain. The Goan Cultural Traditions of song and dance filled the air at the Baan Saeng Thai Restaurant Auditorium Bahrain, on October 22, 2009 where the show was held under the patronage of Young Goans Club.

The group comprising of musicians, singers and dancers presented a three hour cultural fiesta of Goan song and dance. The items included Goan Dekni and Fugdi dance. The audience applauded every item presented by the group and the opera musicals in mime and movements on the life style of Xethkamti (farmer), kharvi (fisherfolk) and render (toddytaper) were cheered throughout. The presentations brought back the nostalgic memories of bygone era of Goa.

The group electrified the performances by their originality and depicting the culture old tools relevant to the trade. It was wondrous to see the entire audience joining the singing as the group played some old Goan instrumentals using instruments like ghumot, mandolin, bongos and cymbals. A medley of Hindi, Portuguese, English and Konkani favourites of yester years got many in the crowd on to their feet and were seen dancing and swaying to the beat. The show culminated with traditional mando and dulpods. The group not only won laurels for their song and dance but for the costumes and jewellery they showcased relevant to each presentation.

‘Goenchim Noketram’ the cultural and folk group from South Goa are the award winners at Mando Festivals held all over Goa in 2008 and 2009. The group has also performed at the inaugural ceremony of International Film Festival in November 2008 and at the concluding ceremony of Asia Pacific Conference in October 2008. Goenchim Noketram have toured different parts of India to present their shows and were the main attractions for Goa Day celebrations in Dubai in June 2008.

The show in Bahrain was sponsored by Jet Airways. GR Crasto compered the show and kept the audience spellbound with witty questions on Goan culture, songs and personalities that carried prizes donated by the group ‘Goenchim Noketram’.

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