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Navelim Win 4-A-Side Football 2002

Navelim Win 4-A-Side Football

Sep 6, 2002

Navelim lead by former MPT player Henry Fernandes, won
the 4-a-Side inter village football tournament
organized by Young Goans Club (YGC), Bahrain.

In the finals played at the courtyard of the club on
Thursday night, Navelim defeated Canacona by 4 goals
to 1. The Canacona team were reduced to 3 men with
referee Alex Pereira having red-carded Marshall in the
first half of the match. Canacona boys held on to a
1-1 draw till the lemon-break, but the Navelim lads
taking advantage of the situation pumped in 3 goals
with Canacona boys falling back to defend during the
entire 10 minutes of the second half.

Earlier in the semi-finals, Navelim defeated
Chinchinim 3-1, and Canacona got the better off
Siolim with a thumping 7-2 victory. In all 12 teams
participated in this tournament that was played on a
league cum knock-out basis over the last two weeks, at
the YGC courtyard in the evenings.



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Indian Cultural and Religious Bodies in Bahrain

Indian Cultural and Religious Bodies in Bahrain

Contributed by jj

The Bahraini authorities have shown a flexible and liberal attitude towards the expatriate community in contrast to others regionally. This is reflected in the fact that the Indian community has 30 registered and 15 unregistered socio-cultural organizations in addition to 5 schools. There are 5 churches, a number of Hindu religious centres including a 60-year-old Hindu temple. In addition there are 6 Gurudwaras. The Indian Club was set up in 1915 and the Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam was set up in 1947. Most of the associations have been brought under the umbrella of the Co-ordination Committee of Indian Associations (CCIA) with a view to centralizing efforts on key occasions such as Independence / Republic day etc. It is notable that Bahrain permits religious freedom, which is not generally the case elsewhere in the region.

S.No Name of Associations/Clubs President/Chairman Secretary
1. The Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam
P.O. Box: 757
Tel : 17251878
Fax: 17250412
George Mathew
Mob: 39469102
Chandramohan E.
Mob: 39813050

2. The Indian Club
P.O. Box: 356
Fax: 1755490
Vicky Kamboj
Mob: 39403700

3. The Indian Fine Arts Society
P.O. Box: 1209
Tele/fax: 17535844
K. Ramachandran
Off: 17733266
Res: 1722164
Mob: 39293612
Fax: 17722164
K.G. Devarajan
Mob: 39884222

4 Indian Ladies Association (ILA)
P.O. Box: 1108
Tele: 17531468
Fax: 17763583
Mrs. Vani Krishnan
Res: 17691309
Mob: 39873357
Mrs. Poonam Sharma
Mob: 39576051

5. Karnataka Social Club
P.O. Box: 20566
Tele: 17254257/F:17259931
Philip D’Mello
Mob: 39451264
Charles Rodrigues
Mob: 39098006

6. Konkan Singers Club
P.O. Box: 26520
Tel: 17243511, 17275358
Fax: 17241396
Santosh Monteiro
Mob: 39410850
Vincent Sequeira
Mob: 39271015

7. Maharashtra Cultural Society
P.O. Box: 10527
Tele: 17272050
Dr. Prabhakar Wagh Mrs. Vinita Chitte
8. Kerala Arts & Cultural Association
P.O.Box: 1064
C.H. Mohammed
Off: 17785784
Res: 17271381
Fax: 17785784
T.P. Abdulla
Off: 240161
Mob: 39639319

9. The Institution of Engineers (India) Bahrain Chapter
P.O. Box: 1724
R.K. Singh
Off: 17696713
Res: 17728034/Fax
Mob: 39286360
D. Jayachandran
Off: 17787654
Res: 17686973
Mob: 39264882

10. Bahrain Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
P.O. Box: 10924
T.P. Chandra Sekar
Off: 17205563
Res: 17793531
Mob: 39813137
Fax: 17205670
Agnel Pereira
Mob: 39959002

11. Young Goan’s Sports Club
P.O. Box: 20390
Tele:/Fax: 17710602
Cascius Pereira
Mob: 39660475
Brian Dias
Mob: 39466355

12. Kerala Catholic Association
P.O. Box: 20651
Fax: 17263994
Tele: 17232109
Peter Paily
Mob: 39467402
Off: 17673233
Res: 17740530
Johnson K. Devassy
Mob: 39245396
Off: 17755145
Res: 39589821

13. The Mar Thoma Parish
P.O. Box: 1037
Rev. Mathews Chandy
Tele: 17255759
Mob: 39476838
Fax: 17263029
T.K. Alexander
Mob: 39468125
Res: 17256651

14. St. Mary’s Orthodox Church
P.O. Box: 834
Rev. Kuriakose Thannikottu
Off: 17252980,
Mob: 39445358
N.K. Mathew
Mob: 39407932
Res: 17254130

15. St. Peter’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
P.O. Box: 20417
Rev. Shyjan Kuriakose
Off: 17245432
Fax: 17251476
T.V. Jacob
Mob: 39805845

16. The Bahrain Malayalee CSI Parish
P.O. Box: 20272
Tel : 17234095
Rev. Abraham Kurian
Tele: 17234095
Mob: 39042453
Fax: 17234095
Varghese George
Mob: 39402015

17. Thattai Hindu Community
P.O. Box: 1498
Tele: 17256131
Bhagwan Haridas Gandhi
off: 17210617/619
Res: 17401766
Mob: 39605241
Fax: 17210627
Bhagwan L. Asarpota
Off: 17223689
Res: 17231660
Mob: 39691500
Fax: 17223648

18. Bhatia Mitra Mandal
P.O. Box: 1954
Tel : 17229945
Fax: 17228277
Anil Damodar
Off: 17229687
Res: 17227702
Mob: 3661345
Amit Karani
Off: 17294431
Mob: 39601789

19. Bohra Association
P.O. Box: 967
Tele: 17232821
Fax: 17231341
Yousuf Yaha Mohiuddin
Off: 17231341/17232829
Saifuddin F. Deen
Off: 17223811
Res: 17272159
Fax: 17223826
Mob: 3952786

20. Bahrain Kannada Sangha
P.O. Box: 1184
Tele: 17271257/F:17276808
Mob: 39688395
Ratnakar Mallar
Mob: 39542168

21 Kerala Muslim Jama'ath
P.O. Box; 1064
Haji Mohd. Ali
Off: 17662872
C.H. Mohammed
Off: 17785784
Res: 17271381
Fax: 17785784
Mob: 39292290

22 Shri Gujarati Samaj
P.O. Box: 10361
Fax: 17274048
Mukesh Chhaganlal
Off: 17210410
Res: 17232610
Mob: 39621041
Fax: 17212901

Mahendra Shah
Off: 17225450
Res: 17211275
Mob: 39678592

23 Chinmaya Society
P.O. Box: 20046
Kishore Asarpota
Off: 17223748
Res: 17233665
Fax: 17223830
Vijay Kumar
Off: 1793317
Res: 17232903
Mob: 39660841

24. Telugu Kala Samithi
P.O. Box: 22707
P. Rajassekhar
Mob: 39227481
J.P. Kiran Kumar
Mob: 39299123

25. Tamil Social & Cultural Association (TASCA)
P.O. Box: 3264
Tele: 17273553
Fax: 17231020
Ahmed Mohamed Iqbal
Off: 17231020
Mob: 39693592
T. Retnaraj
Mob: 39457409

26. Sikh Temple
(Sri Guru Singh Sabha)
Villa 25 Gate 714 Road 7325
Abu Saiba 473
Paramjeet Singh Walia
Off: 1757057
Res: 17258117
Fax: 17253263
Mob: 39456787
P.O. Box: 20458
Gian Singh
Res: 17227950
Mob: 39825998

27. The Sree Narayana Cultural Society
P.O. Box: 21350 Bahrain.
N.O. Rajan
Mob: 39806971
Vinod Kumar
Mob: 39406722

28. Bongiyo Samaj Social & Cultural Association
P.O. Box: 15285
Gopinath Mandal
Mob: 39687574
Off: 17752370
Res: 1756298
Fax: 17756991/Pager;9487009
Kalyanbrata Dasgupta
Mob: 39697901
Fax: 17712292

29. Kerala Social & Cultural Asssociation
P.O. Box: 21889
Fax: 17251822
V.V. Mohan
Mob: 39608559
Fax: 17786326
P.O. Box: 32314
K.R. Raghunath
Mob: 39660875

30. Indian Association
P.O. Box: 327
Prakash Devji
Off: 1711334
Mob: 39414073
Fax: 17211369
P.O.Box: 1428 -
Ahmed Humayun
Mob: 39466208 -

Unregistered Clubs & Associations

31. Thattai Hindu Mercantile Community
P.O. Box: 20524
Lalchand Ratanchand Gajria
Mob: 39687979
Laxmidas Karani
Off: 17211029
Res: 17256512
Fax: 17212387
Mob: 39122440

32. NRI Investors Group
P.O. Box: 747
Nevin Megchiani
Off: 17252921
Res: 17643505
Fax: 17254638
Mob: 39663733

33. Muslim Education Society
Eraj Ahmed
Off: 1730074
Res: 17727798
Mob: 39620123
Fax: 17530177
P.O. Box: 15125
Mohammed Abdul Mannan
Mob: 39045292

34. The Bahrain Malayalee Christian Congregation
K.M. George
Mob: 9650405
Res: 17255214
Res: 17256529
Fax: 17261048
P.O. Box: 5866
Thomas Thomas
Mob: 39605926
Res: 17258472
Off: 17400503
Fax: 17400373

35. The Bahrain Tamil Christian Congregation
P.O. Box: 1
Victor Bennet
Mob: 39683735
Res: 17330754

36. Telugu Christian Congregation
P.O. Box: 1
J.B.R. Prabhakar
Mob: 39280138
B. Christopher
Mob: 39083279

37. The Middle East Pentecostal Church
P.M. Joy
Mob: 39465607
Fax: 17732042
P.O.Box: 11786
38. Bahrain Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre
P.O. Box: 3186
Tel: 17250119/Fax:17274394
E-mail: bkmcc60@hotmail.com
Mob: 39679522
Ali Quilandy
Mob: 39896100

39. Indian Overseas Cultural Congress Samuel Kizhakkupuram
Off: 17251777
Mob: 39277790
P.O.Box: 1713
Fax: 17259888
James Koodal
Mob: 39292470

40. The Kerala Christian Ecumenical Council
P.O. Box: 20272

Rev. Abraham Joseph
Off: 17252980
Mob: 39445358
Thomas Abraham
Mob: 39461824

41. Bahrain Prathibha Cultural & Charitable Association
P.O.Box: 5632
Mob: 39080579
Off: 17590015
Mob: 39865764
Fax: 17590139

42. The Pioneers
P.O. Box: 11345
Robert Sebastian
Off: 17290080
Fax: 17290658
Mob: 39622577
M.P. Raghu
Off: 17214447/17214443
Mob: 39662281

43. Surya Charitable and Cultural Association
P.O. Box 22394
Email : surya_Bahrain@hotmail.com
P.S.S. Panicker
Mob: 39647123
Padhmanabhan K.V.
Mob: 39876302

44. Al Furqan Religious Study Centre
P.O. Box: 3143
Tele: 1780185
Moh’d Saifulla Qasim
Mob: 39857414
Ahmed Basheer
Mob: 39864372

45. Soorya Bahrain Chapter
P.O. Box: 33698
Tele: 695563
E-mail: sooryabahrain@yahoo.co.uk
Mrs. Meera Ravi
Off: 17827111
Mob: 39199874
Fax: 17827222
P.O. Box: 3232
E.A. Salim
Res: 17402676
Off: 17702494
Fax: 17701175
Mob: 39458870

46. World Malayalee Council
P.O. Box: 15172
Dr. P.V. Cheriyan
Mob: 39424477
Abraham John
Mob: 39434237
Fax: 17591814

The Indian Embassy, Bahrain
August 2005


Radhika crowned ‘May Queen’ 2004

Radhika ‘May Queen’ 2004

Radhika Saralaya (centre) was crowned this year’s May Queen at the Young Goans Club annual ball held at Palace Inn. She topped the field of 12 candidates who participated in the May Queen search. Other winners were runner-up Caron Pinto (left) and third placer Tina Mathew. Winners were awarded prizes by club committee members and sponsors. Over 800 club members and guests attended the event.

Last update on: 18-5-2004

Goans New Year 2008 Ball - Bahrain

Goans New Year Ball - Bahrain

The Young Goans Club, Bahrain will hold a New year Ball at the Palace Hotel in Adliya on 31st Decmber. The traditional new year Dinner Dance of the Club will begin at 8.00 p.m. Live Band "The Aryan Fame" will provide music for the old and young to enjoy the evening to ring out the old year and to bring in the New Year 2008.

The traditional old man will appear in the hall around mid night to mark the end of year 2007 and the dawn of new year will be marked in a novel way. A ten minute fashion show will also be pesented by local models choreographed by Gwen Fernandes.

This is one event of the year that attracts large crowd and members are requested to collect their entry cards from the club office on 21st and 22nd and then from 26th to 29th of December. Guests cards are also available. For further details contact the Vice President of the Club, Gerard Fernandes on 39939654 or Francis Vaz 0n 39455207.

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Novea Vorsacho Nichev – New Year's Resolution
Ami Khuxeal jievum-yea ani dusream-kui khuxealkayen jievumk divum-yea!
Let’s be happy and let’s keep others happy too!
Silviano C. Barbosa (Canada/Goa)

Memory Test

Memory Test (Ranjana Poduval, Aug 10th, 2007)

I confess that of all the members in this group, I seem to have the weakest memory. Places, people, events (even with photographic evidence) seem to ring no bells, touch no chords anywhere. I am actively inclined to believe this is amnesia (and not aging) bought by the trauma of dissecting dead rats or in horror of differential calculus that I was subjected to in high school.

So, in response to people remembering their houses for each academic year, not to mention sections, homework assignments and seating arrangements (yes Jacob, that was the final straw), I attempted to revive a few memories of the so called halcyon years.

What do I remember of junior school? Well I remember coming to KG from a small town in Kerala (Trichur) with no knowledge of English and being assigned to the ever beautiful Mrs. Chakraborthy’s class in/over the Young Goan’s Club where school used to be; of being grammatically corrected by my cousin, Vineetha, to confidently announce to the class “Teacher, I am bathroom” when I wanted to take a leak. I couldn’t understand anything that she said in response, but I did gather from the smiles of everyone around that I was now a popular person.

Once I surmounted my difficulties with English, I discovered to my horror that an utterly incomprehensible Hindi was awaiting. I chanted “Aloo, Kakdi, bhindi , baingan, Bhari hui hai station wagon…” with the rest of my class in blissful ignorance of its meaning and often mixed up poems too for good measure. When my daughter, the other day, asked me to please meet her principal and check if she could drop out of Hindi, I laughed, but I recognized that feeling.

After a few people took exception to the building we were housed in by throwing Pepsi bottles at us, no doubt, neighbours whose afternoons were shattered by “1 2s are 2” and evenings by the presumably more musical expressions and exertions of the “Young Goans”, the school was relocated to Isa Town, via a short stint in some branch school.

New school, school bus, and waddaya mean I have to wake up an hour earlier mom!!! My parents, whether inspired by a constant need to better their living conditions, or a suffering from a low threshold of boredom, shifted homes 7 times in Bahrain. We never ventured beyond Manama, and could always revisit any of the homes we had vacated by foot. And oh yes, we carried the neighbours with us. Always shifted in packs of 4 families. Net result, we oscillated between Bab al Bahrain and Citibank and finally opposite the Family Bookshop for bus stops.

I seem to have more memories of life outside school at that stage of my life – though many of my classmates, especially the Malayalees, stay with me in memory, outside school. Can one forget the Keraleeya Samajam or the Bahrain Sports Club (BSC)? If the former was a microcosm of Kerala with talent nites, dramas and the bi monthly dance programs my dance teacher (Mrs. Rao in trousers) volunteered us for; the latter was a non equitable (tilted towards the Hindi speaking) representation of India. Enjoyable, nonetheless, with games of Housie, Bombay nights and Christmas parties. There was a higher risk of running into your teachers here, though. Imagine running into Mrs. Sequeira! Ajit K, Sandhya Radhakrishnan, Reshma Yousuf, Anith Philip, Maya and my cousin Vineetha were constant companions from our grade and a whole host of seniors too, bursting with talent (so the competitions seemed) and intelligence ( or so my mum kept telling me).

We girls kind of stuck to this group at school as well, and continued games of hopscotch, begun at recess, elastically into the evenings where we would meet up at some one’s house, especially Thursday nights.

I remember a Fatima in second std, who had such beautiful handwriting skills, that as a true art connoisseur, I exchanged my English test note book with her prior to a test, with the laudable intention of convincing my mom that my handwriting had improved. My mum wasn’t fooled, my teacher horrified at my marks and Fatima delighted. Mrs. Sen, the teacher, felt especially culpable, since she used to borrow Amar Chitra Kathas from me, and secretly advised me to concentrate on textbooks instead for a while. I feel compelled to add that Ms. Salahuddin has stoutly denied being this Fatima.

I also remember a Punjabi lady, inconspicuously named Mrs. Singh who taught us Hindi in 3rd std. During one particular session, I saw her hugging my friend Sandhya. As I walked up to get my notebook signed, I casually asked what that was for. I was on good terms with her, having recently attempted to make her understand that Hindi was as alien to me (sigh, yes, in 3rd too!) as Malayalam to her by getting her to pronounce the Malayalam word for banana. Of course, an impossible feat, since only Mallus are genetically coded to say this. Back to the matter on hand, she informed me that she had just demonstrated the meaning of “gale lagaana”. At my rather dubious expression, she hugged me too. Of course, we had half the class perplexed by the meaning of that phrase then, and in line for an explanation. I remember the sweet lady obliged quite a few.

Joofri Cold storage, qubbus, shormas, hot samosas and dairy queen – yes, good years indeed. The advent of television was remarkable and exhausting - my dad was forever on the terrace adjusting the aerial while I was a go between from 3rd floor to the terrace atop 5th floor to tell him if the current western on TV - a peculiar penchant of my mom’s - was clear.

The telephone was no less significant - now we could book calls to India and shout into the phone after 9 irrespective of what time it was there, they better be delighted to hear us. Colour television, VCR ( big time, man – mallu movies ( 3 in one day to maximize rental charges), and later on back to back episodes of Ramayan – shudder!!

I have no memory of 4th or 5th stds, though it must have been a big change – late mornings – lunch before school, sudden elevation to senior status and tougher choices (will I look like an idiot if I wear colour dresses to school on my birthday now?)

6, 7 and 8 seem a bit of a blur too. I left school after 8th standard and spent a year in Chennai at Asan memorial – a lovely school, unspoiled, innocent and good fun. In many ways, I felt we grew up too quickly in the Gulf. I realize I will tread on a few sentiments here but looking back I felt freer and more childlike at Asan, as opposed to the adolescent I was at Bahrain. Perhaps, those of you who left Bahrain mid school might recognize what I am speaking of.

And on that sober note, I will stop for now. Fear not, a sequel is planned – wherein you will see our fearless heroine return to Indian School, join the admiring throngs around Mr. Sivaramakrishnan, one of our best teachers to date, despair of Mr Susai who forever called me Rangamma and staged a walkout from school with my class to see a basketball? football? volleyball? game at Pakistan High school. We lost, by the way.

Adios, arrivederci!

Basma Bahrain Goans Seven-a-Side Soccer League - 2008

Salcette capture Goans soccer title

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

SALCETTE were crowned champions of the Basma Bahrain Goans Seven-a-Side Soccer League following a goalless draw against CRC Chinchinim in their season-ending affair played at Al Qadisiya grounds in Salmaniya.

The victors took home the Fr Felicio Diniz Rolling Trophy with the result.

Both teams played a fast-paced style from the kick-off. Chinchinim were the more active side to start and appeared certain to score, but their strikers failed on repeat attempts when they had only the goalkeeper to beat.

The second half saw Salcette play a more defensive game, as they knew that a draw would earn them the title.

Chinchinim required an outright win to take the crown, and pushed hard for the winner in the match's final 15 minutes.

But Salcette's defence, anchored by former Goan senior division player Beta Sequeira, stood their ground until the final whistle.

With the teams sharing the points, Salcette ended their league campaign with 32 to top the standings, followed by Chinchinim with 31 points for second place.

Vasco finished third with 28 points, as they ended their year with a 2-2 draw against Benaulim. Vasco's goals came in the second half through Hilary Sanches and Mario Palha, while Benaulim's openers were scored by Tony Fernandes and Michael D'Souza.

Benaulim's goalkeeper Malcolm Miranda was named the player of the week for his fine performance between the posts in their match against Vasco.

The complete league classification will be determined tonight after former champions Navelim play the competition's last match against Calangute Benfica at the same venue. Kick-off is scheduled for 8.30pm.

The league is played under the patronage of the Young Goans Club, and is sponsored by Basma and co-sponsored by Gulf Computer Services and Union Press.

Carnival is organised in Bahrain

Goans away from Goa -

Carnival is organised in Bahrain


Some of the info on the gulf-based Goans was provided by
gaspar almeida to this writer for this research paper.

Young Goans Club Summer Ball 2006

The Young Goans Club Summer Ball 2006
"The Young Goans Club in association with The Indian Club will be holding a Summer Ball Dance 2006 on Thursday 29th June 2006 from 8pm onwards at The Indian Club.

Leading Bahrain-based band
"The NightShades" will be performing for the event."

Entry is free for all Goans and Indian Club members...for a night of fun, dance & lotsa good music..so see you all there!!

Fr. Felicio Diniz Rolling Trophy - 2009

Bahrain: Tivim continued their winning streak in the Basma Bahrain Goans Seven A Side football league for Fr. Felicio Diniz Rolling Trophy played under the patronage of Young Goans club at Al Qadisiya grounds in Salmaniya, Bahrain.

Tivim downed new entrants Baga 2-0 with Sandeep and Godfrey scoring in each half. The young Baga lads tried had to level the match but Tivim goalkkeeper Brijesh Kahnuja thwarted all their attempts.

Canacona droped vital points in the league when they drew both their matches played during the week. In their first match they were held to a goalless draw by Nuvem with neither team making an serious attempt to score. Canacona played their second match against Benaulim and were leading by a goal from John Dias until Benaulim were awarded a penalty kick in the last 5 minutes of the match. Michael D’Souza made no mistake from the spot to level the score at 1-1.

In the last match of the week Navelim pumped in 4 goals to subdue Calangute with a 4 -1 scoreline. Merwyn Afonso scored a brace, with Henry Fernandes and Wilson Vales adding one each. Samson Fernandes reduced the margin for Calangute.

Matches schedule for this week: Tuesday at 8 pm Calangute v/s Nuvem and Tivim v/s Benaulim at 9.pm. On Wednesday at 8 pm Baga v/s Canacona and at 9 pm Navelim v/s Tivim.

The 4th edition of the Basma Bahrain Goans football league is being held at Al Qadisiya football ground in Salmaniya from at 8.00 p.m.

In all seven teams will compete for the Fr. Felicio Diniz rolling trophy in the league that is be played on a round robin basis in two rounds.

Matches are played every Tuesdays and Wednesdays until June 9; the second leg will commence after the summer break in September.

The league is played under the patronage of Young Goans Club and the league committee comprises of (as in the photo from left to right) Vincent Dcosta, GR Crasto, Felix Rodrigues, Francis Correia, Joy Corda [Not in picture - Hilary Sanches and Sadanand Naik].

Young Goans May Queen Pageant 2009

Young Goans May Queen Pageant 2009

Bahrain: The Executive Committee of the Young Goans Club will organize it's Annual May Queen 2009 Pageant on Thursday evening, May 28, at the Delmon Hotel pool side.

The pageantry is expected to have 20 contestants vying for the Crown. Contestants will be flying in from the other GCC countries. The contest is open to all nationalities between the ages of 15 to 28. Participants must fulfil the competition criteria, details of which are available with the organisers.

There will be a spectacular stage setting and extra dance space for fun lovers.

Crowning of the May Queen 2009 along with the First Runner-up and Second Runner-up will be the highlight of the evening.

Contestants will also be judged for best communicator, best hair-do and best smile.

Prizes up for grabs include Gold, Electronic items, Beauty Care products, Airline tickets, hampers and more. Particpation gifts for all contestants will also be given.

A live band “The Aryan Fame” will perform at the event with nostalgic music for dance and listening pleasure. DJ Alfy from 'Music and Lights' will provide electrifying stage effects, sound and lighting.

The Chief Guest and Guest of Honour will include the Indian Ambassador and other VIPs. A multinational crowd of 1000 plus members are expected to attend for this annual extravaganza of the club.

Dress code will be a tie essential for the gents and smart wear for the women.

Contestants who wish to participate; members and guest who wish to attend may contact the following telephone numbers for more information and collect their entry cards.

Contact Nos: 39659539, 39939659, 36355164, 39455207, 39048046.

-G.R.Crasto for www.goa-world.com

GWA-Qatar May Queen wins Bahrain crown

May Queen wins Bahrain crown

Chithira Johnson (third right) is seen with (from left) Simon D'Silva, Judeanne Rosario (a contestant from Qatar), Vanessa D'Souza, Mathew Estrocio, and Martin Mascarenhas

Staff Reporter
CHITHIRA Johnson, the May Queen 2008 of Qatar, repeated the feat in Bahrain by winning the coveted crown there at a pageant in Manama.
The event was organised by the Young Goans’ Club with Splash.
The 21-year-old Keralite from Qatar is a second year student at Christ College, Bangalore.
The first runner-up in Bahrain was Vanessa D'Souza, 25, who was the runner-up in Qatar as well. She is an MBA gold medalist.
The third winner was Tamu Alexander Justus, 19, who is a first year student of Business Administration at Birla Institute of Technology International Centre, Bahrain.
Prizes were also awarded to Shradha Tilak Vyas for the best smile, to Carol Lobo for the best hairdo and to Jocelyn D’Souza as Miss Photogenic.
The winners were selected from a line-up of 21 contestants of different nationalities by a panel of five judges. Besides the May Queen contestants, the Qatari delegation included Goan Welfare Association officials led by its president Simon D'Silva, vice-president (cultural) Mathew Estrocio and vice-president (sports) Martin Mascarenhas.
Contestants from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia also took part.
Contestants competed in casual or sportswear, formal wear and a question and answer round.
Club member Kevin D’Cunha was choreographer, while Gabriel Crasto was master of ceremonies. Radio Bahrain DJ Krazy Kevin hosted the pageant, which also featured cover band Aryan Fame and DJ Alfie of Music and Lights. Indian Ambassador Balkrishna Shetty was the chief guest.
Young Goans Club Bahrain felicitated Global Goans Community Service Leadership awardees, including Simon D'Silva.
Prizes for the Young Goans Club Splash May Queen winners included jewellery, air tickets, beauty product hampers, electronic items and gift vouchers.


Doha • Chithira Johnson, the May Queen 2008 of Qatar, was crowned the Young Goans Club Splash May Queen 2008 at a pageant held last week at the Marina Club's poolside, Manama.

The 21-year-old from Qatar is a second year Bachelor of Arts Student in Christ College, Bangalore. She is majoring in psychology, sociology and literature.

The first runner-up was Vanessa D'Souza, 25, also from Qatar and runner-up of 8th May Queen of Qatar. She is a Masters in Business Administration gold medal winner. The second runner-up was Tamu Alexander Justus, 19, a first year student of Business Administration at Birla Institute of Technology International Centre, Bahrain.

Prizes were also awarded to Shradha Tilak Vyas for Best Smile, to Carol Lobo for Best Hairdo and to Jocelyn D'Souza for Miss. Photogenic.

The winners were selected from a line-up of 21 contestants of different nationalities by a panel of five judges. Participants included May Queen contestants from Qatar-based Goan Welfare Association led by President Simon D'Silva, Vice-President (Cultural) Mathew Estrocio and Vice President (Sports) Martin Mascarenhas, Summer Queen contestants from Kuwait-based Goan Cultural Centre led by Chairman Carmo Santos, and contestants from Saudi Arabia.

The contestants competed in casual or sports wear, formal wear and a question and answer round.

Club member Kevin D'Cunha was choreographer while Gabriel Crasto was master of ceremonies. Radio Bahrain DJ Krazy Kevin hosted the pageant, which also featured cover band Aryan Fame and DJ Alfie of Music and Lights. Indian Ambassador Balkrishna Shetty was the chief guest.

Young Goans Club Bahrain felicitated Global Goans Community Service Leadership Awardees, Alfred D'Souza, Vice President Migrant Workers Society Bahrain, Carmo Santos, Chairman Goan Cultural Centre Kuwait, Gabriel Crasto, Chairman of Bahrain Goans Football League, Simon D'Silva, President of Goan Welfare Association Qatar and Francisco Correia, President Young Goans Club Bahrain.

The Young Goans Club Splash May Queen 2008 beauty pageant was held on May 22 at the Marina Club's poolside. The winners stood a chance of winning prizes including jewellery, air tickets, beauty product hampers, electronic items and gift vouchers.

Young Goans Club/Gulf Cellar lift BMMI Hockey trophy

Young Goans lift BMMI trophy

Young Goans Club/ Gulf Cellar beat Public Security 2-1
in a thrilling final to win the BMMI hockey tournament
organised by the Bahrain Hockey Association played at
the Bahrain Rugby Ground.

The game was exciting with Security making the first
raid at the YGC goal in the fifth minute, Humayun
Akhtar sending in a through ball for Sami Ejaz whose
first time hit narrowly missed the post.

YGC made two counter attacks by Allwyn and Casius only
to be foiled inside the circle by the Security
defence. The game progressed at a very fast pace, it
was YGC/ Gulf Cellar who went into the lead by the
creative Casius Pereira. Receiving the ball from
Anthony on the 25-yard line Cassius darted inside the
circle beating Mohammed Jameel, Raja Qamar and drawing
the keeper out sounded the board.

Two minutes later YGC could have extended their lead
but there was a mix up between Anthony and Cassius and
neither player tapped the ball into the empty net, it
was well cleared to safety by the Security defence.

In the 18th minute Mohammed Shakeel of Security sent
in a free hit to the opportunistic Sami Ejaz whose
first time shot deflected the stick of the YGC defence
and flew into the net to draw level.

It was Security who then dominated for the next 12
minutes with Humayun, Sami and Shakeel making
dangerous inroads. but Hilary Albuquerque and Victor
Dsouza of YGC who stood out well thwarted and
intercepted their every move. With two minutes to go
for half-time a rasping shot was taken by Victor on
the shin and the resulting penalty corner hit from
Humayun Akhtar narrowly missed the goal.

The second half was once again a see-saw battle with
both defences standing out. A good run from Franklyn
down the flank set up Cassius Pereira for a sitter
with only the Security keeper to beat, but Pererira
muffed it. Security wasted two clear chances to go
ahead with Mohammed Shakeel hitting wide and Sami Ejaz

Martin of YGC intercepting and cleared the ball to
Anthony just inside their own half, who scooped ahead
for Allwyn who weaved his way into the circle, but
shot wide.

With five minutes to go it was Mohammed Shakeel who
missed a golden opportunity to give Security the lead
when he pounced on a miscleared ball inside the circle
but fumbled by mis-hitting.

As the game ended in a draw it was YGC that triumphed
in the tie breaker beating Public Security 2-1.
Excellent stopping by the YGC keeper Edward helped
YGC/ Gulf Cellar lift the BMMI trophy.

The scorers for YGC/ Gulf Cellar were Ajit and Anthony
while Kenneth, Hilary and Allwyn drew blank.

The scorer for Public Security was Arshad while Anis,
Sami, Humayun and Shakeel did not find the net. Awali/
African & Eastern were third placed.

The prizes was distributed by BMMI senior sales
executive Amparo Fernandes, an ex -hockey player and a
staunch supporter who praised the standard of the game
and the sporting spirit of both teams.

Bahrain Hockey Association president Richard Mathias
thanked all the teams, the honorary referees, BMMI,
the press and the Bahrain Rugby Club.

The day ended with the hockey players and spectators
cheering the Bahrain Rugby Club for the use of their


Top beauties from Kuwait and Qatar to participate in YGC-SPLASH May Queen 2008

Top beauties from Kuwait and Qatar to participate
By Gasper Crasto for Team Mangalorean

Kuwait May 5, 2008: In one of the biggest show organized by Goans in the Middle East, the YGC-SPLASH May Queen 2008 - beauty pageant and dance evening hosted by Young Goans Club (YGC) - Bahrain will feature top contestants from Kuwait and Qatar.

The pageant titled 'YGC-SPLASH May Queen 2008' will be held at the Marina Club poolside, Manama-Bahrain on May 22, 2008 starting 8.30 pm onwards.

The organizing committee in coordination with Goan Cultural Centre (GCC - Kuwait) has sponsored top three winners of the recently held GCC Summer Queen 2008 to participate in the May Queen Contest. Similar arrangements are also made with Goan Welfare Association (GWA - Doha) to fly in their top three winners of the May Queen Ball scheduled for May 8, in Doha.

Young Goans Club Managing Committee with the Winners of 2007

YGC May Queen Bahrain - 2007 winners

Kuwait's GCC Summer Queen Winners - From Left to Right: Monalisa D'Costa, Shirley Dias and Afreen Dastani

The contest is open to women of all nationalities aged between 15 to 28 years. The contestants will be judged in three rounds. Round one will display casual, sporty or traditional wear, and round two will be of formal wear. In the third round, the contestants will be tested for their intellectual brilliance by a panel of select judges from the elite of the society.

Besides the winners of 'YGC-SPLASH Queen 2008', the pageants can also stake claim to awards for the 'Best Smile', 'Best Hair-do', 'Miss Photogenic', etc.

The event will be choreographed by Kevin D'Cunha. Well-known Goan Master of Ceremonies G.R.Crasto will conduct the proceedings. Popular Radio Bahrain DJ Krazy Kevin will host the beauty pageant.

Top band - The Aryan Fame will be in attendance. The event will also feature DJ Alfie of Music and Lights who will also cover stage effects, sound and lighting.

Prizes for the winners include jewellery, air-tickets, holidays, beauty product hampers, electronic items and gift vouchers.
This mega event on the entertainment calendar of the club is sponsored by Splash, Oman Air, BMMI, Home Electronics and KIMS Bahrain Medical Centre.

According to Young Goans Club sources, entrance for the event is open to all but invitation should be collected in advance from the club committee. Prospective contestants can contact 39659539, 39939659 or 36355164 to register or for invitations.

Francis Correia nominated President of Young Goans Club, Bahrain

Francis Correia nominated President of Young Goans Club, Bahrain

Manama: The Annual General Body of Young Goans Club held on April 2, nominated a new managing committee for the year 2009 – 2010. Mr. Francis Correia leads the team as the President of the club. Oswald D’Souza is retained as the internal auditor.

From left to right: Standing Savio Rebeiro, Noel Fernandes, Francis Vaz, Steven Fernandes, Felix Rodrigues, Steven Dias and Cajetan Pereira.
Sitting: Agnelo Victor, Gerard Fernandes, Francis Correia & Roland Varella.

The new committee will be formally introduced to the members during Easter Dance on April 12 starting at 7.30 p.m. at the new club premises in Manama. The Easter celebrations with live music by ‘V-The Band’ will also feature distribution of Easter Eggs to members children. Refreshments and snacks will be served to members. Members are urged to come in time as the celebrations will continue only upto 11 pm.

As part of the many indoor games lined up by the new committee, a mendi kot (cards game) tournament will be held on April 23 at 8 pm at the club premises with attractive prizes on offer.

Excellent News for Goans in Bahrain - Young Goans Club, Bahrain Revived

Excellent News for Goans in Bahrain - Young Goans Club, Bahrain Revived
Goa's Pride www.goa-world.com
Sun, 04 Jun 2006
Bahrain: The revival of Young Goans Club, Bahrain took a step forward when
the new managing committee for the year 2006 was formally introduced to the
members at a brief but bright ceremony at the Atlas Hotel on last Sunday.

Around 150 members and families attended the function that featured konkani
songs by some popular Bahrain based artists and games for children and adults.
GR Crasto compeered the event and introduced the committee to the cheering

The members of the new managing committee are (from left to right in the
photograph), cutting the cake to celebrate their installation.
Victor Agnelo (Treasurer)
Jacinto Rodrigues (Internal Auditor)
Francis Correia (General Secretary)
Gerard Fernandes (Vice President)
Andrew Fernandes ( Vice President)
Francis Vaz (Joint Secretary)
Seby D’Souza (Asst. Treasuer)
Cajetan Pereira (Sports Secretary)
Not in the picture :
Cassius Pereira (Entertainment Secretary)
and Roland Varella (Joint Secretary)

Meanwhile, the committee has announced a musical night this Sunday with free
buffet dinner for the first 100 members to enter the hall. The event takes
place at Atlas Hotel with gates opening at 8.00 p.m.


Exclusive Report
For www.Goa-world.com

Link articles to Young Goans Club-Bahrain
Members and Activities:

Goans push for high profile role

An expatriate club over 50 years old is set to revive its once active role in
charitable causes and cultural activities when it moves to new premise by
early next year.

The Young Goans Club (YGC) has been desperate to restore its once thriving
membership after it was forced to vacate from its Hoora location on an order
by the then Labour and Social Affairs Ministry last March.

The club received many complaints from neighbours, who strongly objected to
the selling of alcohol at the bar inside.

Club officials say they have found a location near Gudaibiya and will not be
serving alcohol at the new premises. It is now negotiating with landowners to
finalise the final location of the club.

"We have narrowed down the likely sites to three venues and are negotiating
to find a fixed premises," said acting president Cassius Pereira.

The new site location will be close to Gudaibiya, where the majority of the
members stay.

"We currently don't have an ideal place to convene all our events, but we
look forward to having a new premises that will allow us to go about our
planned social events and charity activities," he told the GDN.

"Our aim is to be involved in more social activities so that we as a small
community can reach out to a larger community."

Mr Pereira said the club would operate according to rules that govern their
activities, well without serving alcohol at the new premises.

"We don't need it anymore, and we will go ahead with our planned activities
without it," he said. "Alcohol doesn't play a big role."

Mr Pereira said the main focus of club officials is to rally the support of
the members.

"Right now we only need to set up an office to re-establish the reputation
that we've had for over 50 years," he said.

"Our plan is to launch a new campaign of social, sports, and cultural
activities, which the club has been known for in the past."

Mr Pereira called on members to come forward and support the revival of what
he described as one of the oldest and most popular expatriate clubs in
Bahrain's history.

"Many members are relaxed about the issue and we need them to become more
active and involved in club issues," he said.

"We are very optimistic about the new site, but one of the reasons we have
been slow in the revival process is the lack of response from members.

"We have 150 members and we hope the setting up of the new premises will
encourage the dormant members to come forward and renew their memberships and
take more part in our activities."

Mr Pereira said there were approximately 450 dormant members.

"We're also looking forward to being active participants in the National Day
celebrations and supporting the Social Development Ministry in their various

The club will mark its 52nd anniversary today with a mass at 7.45pm at the
Sacred Heart Church, in Manama.

For further information, contact Mr Pereira on 39660475.
(courtesy: http://www.gulf-daily-news.com/Story.asp?
Article=128834&Sn=BNEW&IssueID=28258 )



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Report and Pictures of May Ball 2006 organized by GWA-QATAR

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
– Aristotle, 384-322 B.C., Greek Philosopher


Winners of Goan league honoured

Winners of Goan league honoured

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A prize distribution ceremony for the Bahrain Goans Football league was held at the Al Anarath Hall in Hoora.

Basma deputy managing director Akil Aradi was the chief guest while Konkan Singers Club president Henry Almeida, and President of Young Goans Club president Francis Correia, Roland Varella of Gulf Computer Services, Francis Vaz of FFR Production and former president of Konkan Singers Club Edward D'Almeida were the guests of honour.

The Fr Felicio Diniz Rolling Trophy was handed over to Canacona by Henry Fernandes, the captain of last year's champions Navelim.

Besides individual trophies to the top three teams Canacona, Vasco and Chinchinim, the other teams Benaulim, Navelim, Siolim and Mapusa were also given participation awards.

Other awards - Fair Play Trophy: Siolim; Highest scorer: Biju Papachan (Canacona); player of the year: Pratap Sawant (Canacona); Manager of the year: Raul Fernandes (Benaulim); Best goalkeeper: Simon D'Souza (Mapusa); Promising players: Deepu Jaydas and Sam Jose (both of Mapusa); Youngest player: Sanches Dias; Hat-trick scorer: Velroy D'Costa (Benaulim).

Siolim manager Anthony D'Costa was honoured by Bahrain Goans for his long time association with football. All referees and volunteers were also given gifts.

Bahrain resident named Goan Man of Year

Bahrain resident named Goan Man of Year

By ALISTAIR BAPTISTA, Saturday, July 28, 2007

BAHRAIN resident Gabriel Crasto has received the Man of the Year 2006 Award from the Goan Review Art Foundation. The foundation, a cultural and social body based in Mumbai, promotes the Konkani language. This is the first time it has bestowed the award on a Goan based outside India. Mr Crasto, a long-time Bahrain resident, was recognised for his active participation in various cultural programmes and social services linked to the country's Goan community.

A trophy, cash award and certificate were presented to him at a ceremony held in Margao, Goa, as part of the glamorous Gulab Awards for Konkani artistes and other noted personalities from the Goan community.

The Young Goans Club also honoured him at a membership night event held at the Atlas Hotel in Manama.

The Jalal Travel Agency manager, who has lived in Bahrain for 25 years, is an active member of the Konkan Singers and served in different capacities on the club's managing committee.

He is currently Bahrain Goans Football League chairman and a contributor to Konkani publications in Goa and Mumbai.

Mr Crasto also received the 1982 Konkani Bhasha Mandal award for his Konkani play, or tiatr, Kalina, that highlighted the ill-effects of dowry.

The play also won prizes from local Konkani groups including the Riffa Goans and New Stars Productions.

"This award is dedicated to my friends in Bahrain who have always supported and accommodated me in organising social, cultural and charitable activities among the Konkani speaking community of Bahrain," he told the GDN, from Goa, where he is on holiday.

Mr Crasto also urged community groups and organisations to recognise Young Goans Club president Francis Correia, who helped provide an avenue for his community work.

"Mr Correia is the topmost personality of Goans on the island, and it's time for the organisations concerned like the NRI Goa Facilitation Centre to recognise his services and reward him accordingly," he said.

Goan artist exhibits work

Goan artist exhibits work

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ABOUT 100 art enthusiasts attended cultural movement Elham's monthly meeting at Lina's CafŽ at the Wind Tower, Diplomatic Area.

The event featured a presentation of artwork by Goan artist and photographer Arthur D'Souza, as well as an essay recital by South African writer Melissa van Maasdyk.

Bahraini poet Hameed Al Qaed, also recited poems from his anthology Pearl, Dreams of the Shell, accompanied by oud player Hassan Al Hujairi.

Members also discussed the upcoming writing workshop that will take place from October 20. The culture group's next monthly meeting will take place on October 30.

Seven teams in fray for Goans event

Seven teams in fray for Goans event

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

SEVEN teams have confirmed their participation in the Bahrain Goans Five-A-Side Soccer Tournament to be held on the second day of Eid.

The teams taking part so far are Navelim, Salcette, Chinchinim, Vasco, Calangute Benfica, St. Jacinto and Five Star.

The tournament kicks at the Al Nojoh soccer grounds, behind Dasman Centre in Gudaibiya starting at 3.30pm with final scheduled at 10pm.


A penalty shoot-out competition for children below 15 years will also be held on the sidelines of this tournament.

Deadlines for submitting entry forms is on Thursday. Teams who want to participate may contact Vincent D'Costa on 39672776 or Hilary Sanches on 39678211.

Meanwhile, the Bahrain Goans Seven-A-Side Soccer League for Fr. Felcio Diniz Rolling Trophy will get underway on the last week of this month and teams are requested to register with the organisers before October 25. A captains meeting for the league as well as for the upcoming tournament will be held at the Konkan Singers Club tonight at 8pm.

Monday, May 18, 2009

12 teams in fray for Goans soccer clash

12 teams in fray for Goans soccer clash

Saturday, October 13, 2007

TWELVE teams will fight it out for the Bahrain Goans Five-A-Side Soccer Tournament scheduled for today at Al Nojoom soccer grounds behind Dasman Centre in Gudaibiya.

The tournament will be played on a round robin league basis in the first round, to be followed by a knock-out stage.

The teams are Calangute Benfica, Navelim, St Jacinto, Five Star Kochi, Vasco, Indian School, United Boys, Cansaulim, Mahindra United, Salcette, Chinchinim and Navelim Seniors.

They were divided into four groups of three teams each. The top two teams from each group will advance into the quarter-finals.

The first match will kick off at 3.15pm with the finals scheduled for 10pm.

The teams must report to the organisers by 3pm at the grounds.

A penalty shoot-out competition for boys below 16 years will also be held on the sidelines of this tournament.

Entrance in this category is free and boys can register with the organisers at the grounds. For more details, contact Vincent D'Costa on 39672776.

Goans in plea for fair deal

Goans in plea for fair deal

By ALISTAIR BABPTISA/Monday, December 10, 2007

PENSION schemes for short-term workers in the Gulf, orientation courses for domestic workers and possible flights to Goa are among issues to be addressed by a visiting Indian delegation that arrives today.

The issues will come under the spotlight at a community meeting with a visiting Goan government delegation led by Non-Resident Indian Affairs Directorate commissioner Eduardo Faleiro.

The meeting, which is being organised by the Young Goans Club, will take place at the Karnataka Social Club hall, Manama, from 7pm tonight.

More than 150 members of the Goan community are expected to attend.

Other members of the delegation include Goa Overseas Employment Agency chairman Vice-Admiral John D'Silva and Goa NRI Affairs director Ulhas D Kamat. Indian Ambassador Balakrishna Shetty will also attend.

Mr Faleiro, who will arrive in Bahrain today from Oman, is expected to fly to Abu Dhabi on Wednesday after meeting government officials and community members here.

It is the second leg of his Gulf tour, having visited Kuwait and Qatar early last month.

Members of the Goan community are expected to discuss a number of issues related to Bahrain-based Goans including the possible creation of an NRI city in Goa, pension schemes for short-term Gulf-based employees and orientation courses for domestic workers.

The delegation is also expected to give a presentation on investments and other opportunities in Goa, as well as services offered by the directorate during the meeting.

YGC president Francis Correia, vice-president Gerard Fernandes, Migrant Workers Protection Society vice-president Alfredo D'Souza and Bahrain Goans Football League chairman G R Crasto will speak on a number of topics including reservation of seats in professional colleges and the requirements of Goan housemaids and domestic workers.

"Among the major demands that will be placed before the delegation are legislation for protection and safeguarding of our property and homes back in Goa, as current tenancy laws can render NRIs homeless when they entrust their homes and property to caretakers," said Mr Crasto.

For more information, contact Mr Correia on 39659539 or Mr Crasto on 39083239.

Talks focus on pension scheme for Goan expats

Talks focus on pension scheme for Goan expats

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

VISITING Goan Non-Resident Indian (NRI) Affairs Directorate commissioner Eduardo Faleiro met Goan community members at a meeting at the Karnataka Social Club, Manama, last night.

Goa Overseas Employment Agency chairman Vice-Admiral John D'Silva and Goa NRI Affairs director Ulhas D Kamat, who are accompanying Mr Faleiro on his Gulf tour, and Indian Ambassador Balkrishna Shetty were present.

More than 150 Goan community members discussed pension schemes for Gulf workers, orientation courses for domestic workers and possible flights to Goa.

The event also featured a presentation on investments and other opportunities in Goa, as well as the services offered by the directorate.

Also present were YGC president Francis Correia, vice-president Gerard Fernandes, Migrant Workers Protection Society vice-president Alfredo D'Souza and Bahrain Goans Football League chairman G R Crasto, who spoke about reservation of seats in professional colleges and the problems faced by Goan housemaids and domestic workers.

The delegation will fly to Abu Dhabi tomorrow.

Goan ball to celebrate day

Goan ball to celebrate day

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

THE Young Goans Club will celebrate its annual New Year's Ball at The Palace hotel's Falcon Hall on Monday.

The dinner and dance event will start at 8.30pm and local cover band Aryan Fame will perform.

Entry passes for the event will be available at the club's office at the Konkan Singers' Club in Manama, daily from 8.30pm to 10pm from today to Saturday , said committee member Gerard Fernandes.

A catwalk featuring local models in designs geared for 2008 will also take place.

It is being organised by Mr Fernandes' daughter Gwen, who is visiting Bahrain. The ball is open to members and sponsored guests and entry passes are also available with committee members Gerard Fernandes and Francis Vaz.

Contact Mr Fernandes on 39939654 or Mr Vaz on 39455207 for more information.

Three Goan expats honoured in India

Three Goan expats honoured in India
By ALISTAIR BAPTISTA/Sunday, March 30, 2008

THREE Bahrain-based Goans were honoured in India yesterday for their service to the community.

Young Goans Club (YGC) president Francis Correia, Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS) vice-chairman Alfredo D'Souza and Bahrain Goans Football League chairman G R Crasto, each received Community Leadership Service awards in recognition of their work that benefited Goans in Bahrain.

They were presented with their awards at the Goan government's NRI Affairs Directorate Indian Expatriates Conference, which took place at the Hotel Mandovi in Panaji, Goa.

Present were Overseas Indian Affairs Union Minister Vayalar Ravi, Goa Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and Goan government NRI Affairs Commissioner Eduardo Faleiro, who visited Bahrain last December.

Mr Correia, a real estate manager at Ahmed Mansoor Al A'Ali, arrived in Bahrain in 1974 and has provided legal, medical and financial assistance to several expatriates in Bahrain and helped resolve labour disputes.

Mr Correia was honoured by the then Labour and Social Affairs Ministry in 1987 for working with expatriate societies and clubs to celebrate Bahrain National Day. He has been an active member on several YGC managing committees and has organised cultural events.

Mr Correia has also worked with the Mother and Child Welfare Society and Bahrain Mobility International on charity events, as well as organising visits by the Indian state's political, religious and social leaders.

Meanwhile, Mr D'Souza is a founding member of the MWPS and has also worked with the Indian Community Service's Legal Aid Cell. A member of the Royal Society of St George, he has lived in Bahrain for more than 20 years and has also volunteered in the Sacred Heart Church's charity activities and intervened in labour disputes.

Mr D'Souza is also the only expatriate to receive the National Award from the Bahrain Government for service to the community.

Mr Crasto, who won the Goan Review Art Foundation's Man of the Year Award last year, is a popular master of ceremonies at Goan community events.

The Mohammed Jalal and Sons Travel Division manager has co-ordinated with local community groups to honour outstanding sports personalities and stage artists.

Mr Crasto, who has lived in Bahrain for 25 years, also co-ordinated reduced airfares for Goans on Air India during the exposition of the relics of Goan patron St Francis Xavier. A freelance journalist, he also contributes to Konkani magazines.


Goans from Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE receive Leadership Awards

-by gasper crasto / Kuwait

In a brief function 'CONFERENCE ON INDIAN EXPARTRIATES IN THE GULF COUNTRIES' held at the Convention Hall, Hotel Mandovi, Panaji on 29th March 2008, the NRI Affairs Directorate of Goa Government presented Leadership Awards for community service to well known Goans from the Gulf for recognition of their social activities towards the Indian community.

The honorable recipients:

Bahrain: Mr. Francis Correia, Mr. Gabriel R. Crasto, and Mr. Alfred D’Souza.

Kuwait: Dr Jaganath Ramnath Chodankar, Mr Alex Wilson Coelho, and Mr. Carmo Santos

Oman: Dr Mario Carmo de Souza , and Mr Celso Vincent Andre Fernandes

Qatar: Mr Simon D'Silva

UAE: Mr. Ramnath Arjuna Mavlingcar
Dubai: Mr Rockson Rufus Rodrigues

(Delhi): Ms Suman Anand Kurade

The Conference was inaugurated by Union Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs, Shri Vayalar Ravi. The function was presided over by Commissioner of NRI Affairs Shri Eduardo Faleiro while Chief Minister of Goa, Shri Digambar Kamat was the Chief Guest.


Francis Correia, hailing from Cansaulim, a resident of Bahrain since 1974, is employed with Ahmed Mansoor Al A’Ali as Manager of the Real Estate Division. He has been involved in community services from the time he arrived into Bahrain and has served the community in different fields. Correia has provided legal, medical and financial aid to a large number of Goans and members of other expatriate communities. Through the Indian Embassy and Ministry of Labour, he has resolved many disputes of laborers and domestic helpers. He has assisted many with sponsorship problems or to find alternate employment. He has actively participated in events to help the local charities as well.

Correia was honoured by the Ministry of Social Affairs in 1987 for his active participation in organizing festivities of expatriate societies and clubs to celebrate the Bahrain National Day.

He was elected as General Secretary of Young Goans Club, way back in 1979 and served on the Managing committee several times. During his tenure with the club he was able to interact with Goans from other Gulf and European Countries in organizing sports and social events.

Correia is the main person involved in organizing Konkani tiatr events in Bahrain with Goan based and local stage artistes which has helped display Goan culture and heritage in the Gulf and keep Konkani alive and popular. He has also used his status and position to organize visits by political, religious, social leaders from Goa. He is currently the President of Young Goans Club.

Correia is also a coordinator of the Konkani Community of the Sacred Heart Church.


Gabriel R. Crasto made headlines last year when he was awarded the ‘Man of the Year Award’ by the Goan Review Art Foundation, Mumbai for his services linked to the Goan community in Bahrain and the Konkani language. Crasto, a popular Master Compere (MC) among the Goan community in Bahrain is always at the forefront of social, cultural and sporting events. He has utilized these opportunities to showcase Konkani, Goan culture, heritage and identity of Goans in Bahrain.

“For me, organizing such events is always a dual purpose,” stated Crasto. “It gives an opportunity for the talented members of Goan community based here to display their art and whatever little income is generated from such events is diverted to help the needy.”

In association with other community groups, Crasto has organized functions to felicitate and honor outstanding sportspersons and stage artistes of the Goan origin. He is always at hand to help those in need of his services - either to coordinate with the Indian Embassy or the local Government agencies. A resident of Bahrain for the last 25 years, he is employed with Mohammed Jalal & Sons as Manager in their Travel Division. Being in the travel field, Crasto was influential in obtaining special fares from Air India for Goans during the Exposition of St. Francis Xavier.
A freelance journalist, Crasto hails from Navelim. He covers the activities of Goans in Bahrain through his writings in magazines published from Goa. In his younger days Crasto worked as a correspondent of West Coast Times (English daily), Novem Goem and Goencho Mog, etc.

In December 2007, Crasto was honored by the Young Goans Club for his contribution to community welfare. He has served several terms on the Managing Committee of the Club in different positions in the past. He is the Chairman of Bahrain Goans Football League and a member of the Konkani Community Committee of the Sacred heart Church.



Since coming to Bahrain over 20 years ago, Alfredo D’Souza, has always volunteered his time and services for the poor of the community. He is also a founder member of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights Migrant Worker's Group since 2002. Alfredo has been on the Legal Aid Cell of the Indian Community Services which comes under the auspices of the Indian Embassy. Alfredo works very closely with the Indian Embassy in Bahrain to help 'Laborers and Domestic Workers'. He is also a life member of the Royal Society of St George Charity organization.
Alfredo has been instrumental in starting the first ever 'Shelter for abused domestic helpers' and for well over 10 years has been defending the 'Human Rights' of the poor laborers and domestic helpers who have been abused by their employers and are helpless, even before the formation of the first Migrant Worker's Group in Bahrain.

Alfredo D’Souza is founder member and currently the Vice Chairman of the Migrant Workers Protection Society.

Young Goans to elect new panel for 2008

Young Goans to elect new panel

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

MEMBERS of the Young Goans Club (YGC) will elect their new managing committee at the annual general meeting at the Konkan Singers Club auditorium, Manama, tonight.
YGC members will also review the current managing committee's performance during the last year and discuss forthcoming events. The event starts at 6.30pm.
For more information, contact 39659539.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Konkani Musical Show


(Do This In Memory of Them)

Superhits of Superstars of Yesteryears

Songs Of Rita Rose, Lorna, Ophelia, Antonetta, Alfred Rose, M. Boyer, Remmie Colaco, Jacinto Vaz, C. Alvares, Bab Peter, Miguel Rod, Mendes Bros, Wilmix, Alexinho De Candolim, H. Britton, S. Lemos etc etc.
Presented by Local Artistes

With Comedy Skits By Comedian Jr. Luis
Compiled and Produced By G.R.Crasto

A Show For A Worthy Cause
On June 4th, at the Pakistan Club Indoor auditorium (airconditioned) at 8.00 p.m.


(Promoting Football & Konkani Programmes among the Goan Community of Bahrain)

For Fr. Felicio Diniz Rolling Trophy
Kick Off: 05 May 2009 at the floodlit Al Qadisiya Grounds, Salmaniya at 8.30 pm.
Participating Teams: Tivim, Navelim, Nuvem, Canacona, Benaulim, Calangute & Baga.


(Promoting Football & Konkani Programmes among the Goan Community of Bahrain)

Left to right: Vincent D’Costa (Tivim), G.R.Crasto (Navelim), Felix Rodrigues (St. Jose De Areal), Francis Correia (Cansaulim) & Joy Corda (Mumbai)
Not in Picture: Sadanand Naik (Nerul) & Hilary Sanches (Vasco).

Our fortcoming events:

For Fr. Felicio Diniz Rolling Trophy
Kick Off: 05 May 2009 at the floodlit Al Qadisiya Grounds, Salmaniya at 8.30 pm.
Participating Teams: Tivim, Navelim, Nuvem, Canacona, Benaulim, Calangute & Baga.

Konkani Musical Show
(Do This In Memory of Them)
Superhits of Superstars of Yesteryears
Songs Of Rita Rose, Lorna, Ophelia, Antonetta, Alfred Rose, M. Boyer, Remmie Colaco, Jacinto Vaz, C. Alvares, Bab Peter, Miguel Rod, Mendes Bros, Wilmix, Alexinho De Candolim, H. Britton, S. Lemos etc etc.
Presented by Local Artistes
With Comedy Skits By Comedian Jr. Luis
Compiled and Produced By G.R.Crasto
A Show For A Worthy Cause
On June 4th, at the Pakistan Club Indoor auditorium (airconditioned) at 8.00 p.m.

Summer Camp For School Boys of Goan Community, Bahrain
During Summer Holidays (July/August 2009)

All events under the patronage of “Young Goans Club, Bahrain”.

To contact by email: crasto@hotmail.com