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Bahrain resident named Goan Man of Year

Bahrain resident named Goan Man of Year

By ALISTAIR BAPTISTA, Saturday, July 28, 2007

BAHRAIN resident Gabriel Crasto has received the Man of the Year 2006 Award from the Goan Review Art Foundation. The foundation, a cultural and social body based in Mumbai, promotes the Konkani language. This is the first time it has bestowed the award on a Goan based outside India. Mr Crasto, a long-time Bahrain resident, was recognised for his active participation in various cultural programmes and social services linked to the country's Goan community.

A trophy, cash award and certificate were presented to him at a ceremony held in Margao, Goa, as part of the glamorous Gulab Awards for Konkani artistes and other noted personalities from the Goan community.

The Young Goans Club also honoured him at a membership night event held at the Atlas Hotel in Manama.

The Jalal Travel Agency manager, who has lived in Bahrain for 25 years, is an active member of the Konkan Singers and served in different capacities on the club's managing committee.

He is currently Bahrain Goans Football League chairman and a contributor to Konkani publications in Goa and Mumbai.

Mr Crasto also received the 1982 Konkani Bhasha Mandal award for his Konkani play, or tiatr, Kalina, that highlighted the ill-effects of dowry.

The play also won prizes from local Konkani groups including the Riffa Goans and New Stars Productions.

"This award is dedicated to my friends in Bahrain who have always supported and accommodated me in organising social, cultural and charitable activities among the Konkani speaking community of Bahrain," he told the GDN, from Goa, where he is on holiday.

Mr Crasto also urged community groups and organisations to recognise Young Goans Club president Francis Correia, who helped provide an avenue for his community work.

"Mr Correia is the topmost personality of Goans on the island, and it's time for the organisations concerned like the NRI Goa Facilitation Centre to recognise his services and reward him accordingly," he said.

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