Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goans New Year 2008 Ball - Bahrain

Goans New Year Ball - Bahrain

The Young Goans Club, Bahrain will hold a New year Ball at the Palace Hotel in Adliya on 31st Decmber. The traditional new year Dinner Dance of the Club will begin at 8.00 p.m. Live Band "The Aryan Fame" will provide music for the old and young to enjoy the evening to ring out the old year and to bring in the New Year 2008.

The traditional old man will appear in the hall around mid night to mark the end of year 2007 and the dawn of new year will be marked in a novel way. A ten minute fashion show will also be pesented by local models choreographed by Gwen Fernandes.

This is one event of the year that attracts large crowd and members are requested to collect their entry cards from the club office on 21st and 22nd and then from 26th to 29th of December. Guests cards are also available. For further details contact the Vice President of the Club, Gerard Fernandes on 39939654 or Francis Vaz 0n 39455207.

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Novea Vorsacho Nichev – New Year's Resolution
Ami Khuxeal jievum-yea ani dusream-kui khuxealkayen jievumk divum-yea!
Let’s be happy and let’s keep others happy too!
Silviano C. Barbosa (Canada/Goa)

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