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Excellent News for Goans in Bahrain - Young Goans Club, Bahrain Revived

Excellent News for Goans in Bahrain - Young Goans Club, Bahrain Revived
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Sun, 04 Jun 2006
Bahrain: The revival of Young Goans Club, Bahrain took a step forward when
the new managing committee for the year 2006 was formally introduced to the
members at a brief but bright ceremony at the Atlas Hotel on last Sunday.

Around 150 members and families attended the function that featured konkani
songs by some popular Bahrain based artists and games for children and adults.
GR Crasto compeered the event and introduced the committee to the cheering

The members of the new managing committee are (from left to right in the
photograph), cutting the cake to celebrate their installation.
Victor Agnelo (Treasurer)
Jacinto Rodrigues (Internal Auditor)
Francis Correia (General Secretary)
Gerard Fernandes (Vice President)
Andrew Fernandes ( Vice President)
Francis Vaz (Joint Secretary)
Seby D’Souza (Asst. Treasuer)
Cajetan Pereira (Sports Secretary)
Not in the picture :
Cassius Pereira (Entertainment Secretary)
and Roland Varella (Joint Secretary)

Meanwhile, the committee has announced a musical night this Sunday with free
buffet dinner for the first 100 members to enter the hall. The event takes
place at Atlas Hotel with gates opening at 8.00 p.m.


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Members and Activities:

Goans push for high profile role

An expatriate club over 50 years old is set to revive its once active role in
charitable causes and cultural activities when it moves to new premise by
early next year.

The Young Goans Club (YGC) has been desperate to restore its once thriving
membership after it was forced to vacate from its Hoora location on an order
by the then Labour and Social Affairs Ministry last March.

The club received many complaints from neighbours, who strongly objected to
the selling of alcohol at the bar inside.

Club officials say they have found a location near Gudaibiya and will not be
serving alcohol at the new premises. It is now negotiating with landowners to
finalise the final location of the club.

"We have narrowed down the likely sites to three venues and are negotiating
to find a fixed premises," said acting president Cassius Pereira.

The new site location will be close to Gudaibiya, where the majority of the
members stay.

"We currently don't have an ideal place to convene all our events, but we
look forward to having a new premises that will allow us to go about our
planned social events and charity activities," he told the GDN.

"Our aim is to be involved in more social activities so that we as a small
community can reach out to a larger community."

Mr Pereira said the club would operate according to rules that govern their
activities, well without serving alcohol at the new premises.

"We don't need it anymore, and we will go ahead with our planned activities
without it," he said. "Alcohol doesn't play a big role."

Mr Pereira said the main focus of club officials is to rally the support of
the members.

"Right now we only need to set up an office to re-establish the reputation
that we've had for over 50 years," he said.

"Our plan is to launch a new campaign of social, sports, and cultural
activities, which the club has been known for in the past."

Mr Pereira called on members to come forward and support the revival of what
he described as one of the oldest and most popular expatriate clubs in
Bahrain's history.

"Many members are relaxed about the issue and we need them to become more
active and involved in club issues," he said.

"We are very optimistic about the new site, but one of the reasons we have
been slow in the revival process is the lack of response from members.

"We have 150 members and we hope the setting up of the new premises will
encourage the dormant members to come forward and renew their memberships and
take more part in our activities."

Mr Pereira said there were approximately 450 dormant members.

"We're also looking forward to being active participants in the National Day
celebrations and supporting the Social Development Ministry in their various

The club will mark its 52nd anniversary today with a mass at 7.45pm at the
Sacred Heart Church, in Manama.

For further information, contact Mr Pereira on 39660475.
(courtesy: http://www.gulf-daily-news.com/Story.asp?
Article=128834&Sn=BNEW&IssueID=28258 )



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