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The social group Bahrain Goans in association with The Folk Theatre are flying in a group of 11 Konkani stage artistes from Goa. The group will present a Konkani musical drama under the direction of Goa’s trendy Comedian Janet and her husband Filipe Almeida. The show titled ‘Soglim Khuxeal’ meaning ‘Happiness to All’ will be staged at the Baan Saeng Thai Restaurant Auditorium in Adliya at 8 p.m on July 9th, 2009.

The show just released in Goa is scheduled to perform in Dubai, Kuwait and London as well. Comedian Janet who has acted for topmost Konkani stage directors is the most sort comedian of late and has several Konkani video films to her credit. Among the topmost actors accompanying the group is C.D.Silva, known as ‘the man of thousand faces’ for his variety of character roles in Konkani dramas. Shruthi, the child artiste who captured the hearts of the audience during her last visit to Bahrain is once again playing the main role in this drama. The other well known actors in the group are Comedian Ambe, Pascoal Rodrigues, Marcus Vaz, Tari, Aldair and Tony de Ribandar. Lenoy Gomendes has directed the musical scores.

Tickets for the show priced at BD: 5, 4 and 3 are now available at World Greetings and Young Goans Club in Manama. For details contact the organisers on 39083239/39672776 or 39251103

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Comic treat for theatre fans
Posted on » Wednesday, July 01, 2009

KONKANI theatre fans will be treated to a comedy performance in Bahrain next weekend.

The Konkani musical drama, Soglim Khuxeal (Happiness to all), will be staged at the Baan Saeng Thai Restaurant auditorium, Adliya, at 8pm on July 9.

It is being organised by Bahrain-based social group the Bahrain Goans in association with the Folk Theatre and will see 11 Goan stage personalities take the stage.

Directed by Filipe Almeida, the play features the talents of his wife Janet, who is amongst the most sought-after Goan comediennes of recent times.

The play that opened in Goan theatres last month will also be staged in Dubai, Kuwait and London in coming weeks, said organisers.

Soglim Khuxeal also features the talents of C D'Silva, who is also known as "the man of a thousand faces" for the variety of character roles he has taken on in Konkani plays, as well as child star Shruthi.

This will be the youngster's second visit to Bahrain this year and will see her play the lead role in the comedy.

Comedians Ambe, Pascoal, Marcus, Tari, Aldair and Tony De Ribandar will also perform, while Lenoy Gomendes will be the musical director.

Tickets, costing BD5, BD4 and BD3, are now available at World Greetings and at the Young Goans Club office, both in Manama. Contact the organisers on 39083239, 39672776or 39251103 for more information.


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