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A tribute to top Konkani singers

A tribute to top Konkani singers
Posted on » Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bahrain-based singers will present some of the most beloved Konkani songs at a show at the Pakistan Club, Manama, this weekend.

Organised by the social group Bahrain Goans, the show 'Hem Tanchea Ugddassak Korat' or Do This in Their Memory, will be held under the patronage of the Young Goans Club (YGC).

Guests will enjoy renditions of songs written by popular Konkani singers from the last few decades, including hits from the 1950s, said organisers.

"The show will feature songs by admired Konkani artistes of yesteryear such as Alfred Rose, M Boyer, Remmie Colaco, Jacinto Vaz, H Britton, the Mendes Bros, Wilmix, Bab Peter, S Lemos, Rita Rose, Ophelia, Antonetta and Lorna," said the show's organiser G R Crasto.

"Most of the popular old songs of favourite Konkani stage artistes are hardly heard these days, as they are not available in CD or DVD formats.

"Konkani music lovers in Bahrain will have a chance to enjoy these songs rendered by local artistes with re-creation of original music by local musicians.

"The show is a tribute to artistes who have left their indelible mark on Konkani music and are credited for making the Konkani language known around the world through their contributions."

Meanwhile, comedian Luis Junior will entertain guests with comedy skits between songs.

The show will start at 6.30pm on Friday at the Pakistan Club's indoor auditorium in Manama.

Tickets, costing BD2 each, are available at World Greetings and Mangalore Store, both located in Manama. Contact 39083239, 36280107 or 39659539 for more information.

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