Thursday, June 18, 2009

Show to remember

Show to remember

A musical treasure of unforgettable songs from many Konkani dramatists of yesteryears entitled 'Do this in remembrance of them' was organised by G R Crasto.
This musical show, which was held at the Pakistan Club hall on June 5, was houseful.
All the artists put in their very best, not to forget the young artists who were nothing less than professionals.
In the present day, we rush to watch dramas or any other shows only if there are professional actors.
But for this show, new and young actors did an excellent job and looked very comfortable on stage.
I wish to congratulate Mr Crasto on this success and also request him to give a chance to budding actors.
The comedy skit by Jr. Luis, Bai Elsy and others was outstanding.
All the very best to them.
Songs of Bai Flenzita, Lucy, Chris, Lourdin, Valanka, Chiqitita, Norita, Bab Pequino, Anthony, Ceaser, Lorvin, Menin, Santan, Claude, Benny, etc. were very good.
Valanka's duo and trio was a wonderful song.
This definitely won the hearts of the audience.
Keep it up!
Chiqitita deserves praise for a solo sung with full action.
You have a bright future on the Konkani stage.
And our youngest star Bai Frenzita's song was good too.
The musicians put in a tremendous effort to make us feel like we were in our hometown Goa, not forgetting the stage setting and the lighting.
Everything was perfect.
Bravo to Trio Kings who kept the flag flying high for so many years - Conception-Nelson-Anthony.
Last but not the least, comperes Pio Fernandes and Cindy Crasto who kept the show alive need special mention.
Bai Cindy, you too have a good future on the Konkani stage, so keep shining like a star.

Claude Fernandes

[Gulf Daily News /14 June 2009]

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